Option 2:  Fundraising


Every year we sell gift cards purchased from local businesses.  This year we have 4 options:  Save-On, Cheers, Le Marche, and Southside Market.  Purchasing gift cards costs you nothing in terms of time or money!! Here’s how it works:  local businesses sell us the cards in bulk at a discount (6% to 10%) and we sell the cards to you at face value.  Easy!  You are required to buy all of your cards over the course of the season, in $100 increments.  You don’t need to buy them all at once;  gift cards do not expire.  You can mix and match cards from different stores as long as your total purchase meets the requirements noted on the Additional Fees page.  If you would like to arrange a card purchase contact revskateclub@gmail.com  If your required purchase is met then your fundraising cheque will not be cashed at the end of the season.

Option 3:  Volunteering


Over the course of the season the Revelstoke Skating Club puts on a number of events, including a Christmas Show-Off, a Mini Competition and a Year End Carnival.   All of these events require committees of volunteers.  If you join a committee and put in the required amount of volunteer time your volunteering/fundraising cheque will not be cashed at the end of the season - contact revskateclub@gmail.com to sign up for volunteering.