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-for PreCanSkate and CanSkate hockey skates are acceptable.

-hockey helmets are required for PreCanSkate, CanSkate and Junior Academy (bike helmets and ski helmets are not acceptable).

-helmets are available for rental at the skating office.

-see below for the Facebook link to our gear swap page.  Revelstoke Minor Hockey also has a gear swap page for used helmets and hockey skates.

-figure skates, hard guards, soft guards, skating tights, laces and club jackets are available for purchase for your convenience (and at a discount!)  at the skating office.

-skates can be sharpened at the arena for a fee.

-to care for your skates properly please always wear hard guards when skates are on your feet but not on the ice.  Be sure to dry your blades off after every skate and store them with soft guards on.

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